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Orders are booked subject to crop growing conditions and availability.  Any  order may be
voided at the option of  Natural Landworks, Inc, should any stock be damaged or destroyed
through drought, flood, fire, frost, hail, man-made or Act of God, errors in count, or as a
result of any other cause beyond Natural Landworks, Inc. control. All quotations, or any
special quotations that are made, are subject to marked changes, supply being exhausted, or
shortage beyond our control and we reserve the right to reject all or any part of your order,
refunding payments made.  All stock is offered subject to prior sale and subject to any damage
caused by weather of any other cause between the date of the order and shipping date.  

All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

All requests for credit must be submitted in writing and received by Natural Landworks, Inc.
within three (3) days of delivery of nursery stock.

Prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars, and are listed for trade and shipment within the United
States and Canada only, and replace all previous prices offered by Natural Landworks, Inc.  
Prices do not include freight costs and are subject to change without notice.  

Credit terms are set forth on all acknowledgements and invoices, and are unique to each
customer.  A finance charge will be added to all accounts not paid within 30 days of the date
of the invoice.  The finance charge is computed on a periodic rate of 2% per month.  The
purchaser shall be responsible for the cost of collection of overdue accounts, including
attorney fees.  

Prices for trees are F.O.B. freight collect.  All shipments travel at the risk and cost of the
purchaser.  Our responsibility ceases on delivery to the carrier.

We give no warranty, express or implied, as to life, description, quality, productiveness, or
any other matter on nursery stock we sell, due to conditions beyond our control.  Delay or
poor handling in transit, improper care before and during planting, drought, fertilizer, and
herbicide damage all contribute to the relative success of your plant material, making it
impossible to warranty nursery stock.

All stock has been inspected by the State Department of Agriculture officials and found to be
apparently free of insects and disease.

In the event a dispute arises as to the enforcement of any terms or provisions in this
agreement, Natural Landworks, Inc. will be entitled to all costs incurred including, but not
limited to attorney fees, whether or not any legal proceeding is initiated.  In any action to
enforce this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its costs,
disbursements, and attorney fees in connection with such action and any appeal or review.  
Should it become necessary to file suit to enforce this agreement, such suit may be brought in
the County of Erie, State of New York.
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